You must have seen some Ancient Egyptian statues holding cylindrical rods in their hands.

egyptian rods

We found a record about these cylindrical rods in a manuscript by Kont (Count) Stefan Colonn Walewski (read more...)

Rods are recreated according to Ancient Manuscript. They have been researched by Russian scientists and medics for a long time.

In the opinion of doctors Rods are unique means of health improvement and rejuvenation of human's organism.

As a result of Rods's influence there is a treatment of the diseases which are not giving in to traditional methods as it will be involved deep mechanisms, stimulating not one concrete body, but all organism as a whole.

From all over the world - Physics, Egyptologists, experts of alternativ medicine joined to researches of Egyptian Rods.

The results shoked the scientists, Egyptian Healing Rods is unique device, which is working with electric human’s nature.

Rods are pumping energy system of man and remove congestions of static electricity.

In the manufacture of int's important to take into accaount theprinciples,invented by Ancient Egypt's Genius

  • - Egyptian Rod are made in the proportion og Gold cross-section
  • -Rods go through obligatory exposition in the Pyramid
     Rods and Pyramid are united and indissoluble system.
  • - Conducting of special activation of Rods after its production

We are happy to afford you Egyptyian Rods,
which are helping a lot of people all over the world.

  • Since 1994 our Company has been exploring and producing the cylindrical rods.
  • 1994-2000 - production of the rods under the TradeMark of "The Cylinders of Pharaoh". (read more...)
  • 1999-2000 is in-between period of Rods's Production under the Trade mark Wands of Horus (read more...)
  • Since 2000 till nowadays - the Egyptians' Rods under the TradeMark:

    • The Rods-KONT
    • The Rods-QUARTZ (3 kinds)
    • The Rods-CRYSTAL (2 kinds)
    • The Rods-Free
    • Trinity-Rods (for men and for women)

Each kind of the Rods takes into consideration the peculiarities of your organism.

On our website you can find more information about Egyptian Rods, Pyramids, which are made in Russia