VITIC RODS.RU are Egyptian Healing Rods
You must have seen some Ancient Egyptian statues holding cylindrical rods
in their hands.
What are they? Stamps, perfumed handkerchiefs, handles of a stretcher
or Egyptian Rods?

Что держат в руках статуи фараонов, дошедшие до наших дней?

We found information about these Egyptian Rods in a manuscript by Kont (Count) Stefan Colonn Walewski “Caucasian yoga“

The Ancient Eurasian Tradition called Ahmsta Kebzeh or Caucasian yoga has got several thousands of years of practicing. This is a mystical core of planetary phenomenons like sufism, chivalry, alchemy, caucasian longevity.

That is a closed system – Tradition of the Elite.

 "But nothing is covered that will not be revealed"

The time has came, and now the knowledge of Caucasian Yoga are available for other people.

VITIC RODS.RU aren't today's inventions.

They were recreated from ancient manuscript by Kont Walewski «Caucasian Yoga».

First RODS.RU were made by our Company in 1994 and they were called Cylinders of Pharaohs.

The first researches were conducted, and the first movie called “Trial by Mystery. Egypt“

was made by group of Elena Plygatyreva and «RTR» from Saint-Petersburg.

But what was shown on medical researches in 1993 - 1995 by specialist from Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute led by Dr M.A. Nikulin?

During the testing works of person with rods the screen was showing amazing things:

24 operating parameters of internal organs of a person started to gather in one green line, which meant the normal work of organism, even though some of these organs had deviations. increased rates decreased to average, while reduced rates increased.

Researches based on Niculin’s method has shown that the result of using Rods is - the activation of all functional systems and ashievement of optimal level. This level is unique for each person.

How is it possible for RODS to act so rationally and to find a reason for each disease to affect it? Decreasing some parameters of work and increasing others, Rods are able to act individually, adapting to each person?

Here are some explanations of RODS’ impact given by ancient doctrine of Caucasian yoga - Ahmsta Kebzeh.

From the point of view of Ahmsta Kebzeh any disease is violation of free flowing energetic streams.

These violations may be caused by emotional, physical or intellectual blocks. Those blocks penetrate the nervous system, ruin energetic streams and devitalize person.

 RODS.RU can solve this problem.

It is said in manuscript of Kont Walewski that these Rods were used in Ancient Egypt for "recovery of nervous energy» and return of vitic power, and they gave «full energy recovery in 5 minutes".

Just recovered NERVE RORCE and VITIC FORCE  makes our organism follow the path to the fastest recreation of our health, when there is a treatment of the diseases which are not giving in to traditional methods as it will be involved deep mechanisms, stimulating not one concrete body, but all organism as a whole.


At first our Company was producing only one kind of VITIC RODS.RU - Rods Kont with a carbon-magnetite filler.

But as time went on we realized that there is a second part of arcane of Walewski’s manuscript dedicated to Rods. Other combinations of minerals used before were mentioned there.

Starting from 1997 our company started producing RODS-Quartz and Rods Crystal which were filled with the quartz crystals of different sizes.

From all over the world - Physics, Egyptologists, experts of alternativ medicine joined to researches of Egyptian Rods.

The results shoked the scientists, Egyptian Healing Rods is unique device, which is working with electric human’s nature.

Rods are pumping energy system of man and remove congestions of static electricity.

Walewski's manuscript also proves all those results. It is said that if you are working with Rods there is "secondary electricity, which to be stored in unipolar ganglias, and spinal fluid".

Depending on the aim and the preparation VITIC RODS.RU have different fillings with various com-binations of minerals mentioned in Walewski's manuscript.

Researches have shown that Rods Crystal and Trinity Rods are mental ancient technologies which amplify people’s mind.

Working with them is recommended only for prepared users.

For increasing effectiveness Rods go through obligatory exposition in the 22 meters Pyramid of A.Golod located on the lake Seliger.

We are happy to afford you RODS.RU
which are helping a lot of people all over the world.

The Rods-KONT



The Rods-Free


RODS.RU is only a small part of Ancient Eurasian tradition Ahmsta Kebzeh or Caucasian Yoga.

People, who practice this system, know that:

"It solves any problem in any sphere of life, it can answer any question and meet any situation even if it is connected physical, mental, spiritual or psychological sphere”

But even for people, which are not involved in Caucasian yoga RODS.RU is a great helper in improving their vitic power and it also helps the organism to work in a proper, healthy way.

RODS.RU are our part, contribution in revival of Ancient Traditions, ability for everyone to become a part of this doctrine and to help themselves.